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Converse Judson girls 4x400 relay at Texas Relays 2014 (3:46.2, 4th fastest in US #2 in Texas)

Converse Judson girls 4x400m relay at the 2014 Texas Relays winning heat with a time of 3:46.2. 4th fastest time in US and 2nd fastest in Texas. 1st in 5A(D.

  • Fort Triturate history: Do you remember?

    08/09/16, via The Herald

    Fort Stroll High School cheerleaders Lynn Garrett, Beth Reeder, Belinda Haire, Vereen Barron, Shiela Dixon, Belinda Barnette, Joanie Foss, Pam Fresh, Susan Funderburk, and Lisa Trull won the Grand Champion Trophy at a camp at Converse College.

  • Talkie REVIEW: 'Indignation' translates Philip Roth's novel into ...

    08/05/16, via Washington Times

    In this figure of speech released by Roadside Attractions, Tracy Letts, left, and Logan Lerman appear in a scene from, “Ire.” The film is an adaptation of the 2008

  • Stanford's Knowledge, Design and Technology Expo Sees Themes of Metacognition and Math

    08/03/16, via EdSurge

    On July 29, the latest class at the university's Knowledge, Design and Technology Program presented their thesis projects. Five of the 16 projects on display explored ways to instil students how to think about their own thinking and learning, commonly

  • Smith named Florence County Prepare District 3 2016-17 Teacher of ...

    08/04/16, via SCNow

    LAKE Megalopolis, SC – An elementary school teacher with the desire to change the world by molding the minds of her students has been named Florence County

  • The Paste Log-apalooza: Day Two :: Music :: Features :: Paste

    07/31/16, via Paste Magazine

    You weren't here with me, unless you were. But either way, perceive free to enjoy this Lolla experience from one man's subjective point of view, which sometimes

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Big REVIEW: 'Indignation' translates Philip Roth's novel into ... - Washington Times

Dissection/OPINION:. I have only ever read one of Philip Roth’s books, the Pulitzer Prize-winning “American Farming” from the late-‘90s, a masterwork of prose that follows the tragic downfall of a once-promising Newark, New Jersey, day-school football star and businessman. (It remains the only time I have ever seen my hometown of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, endlessly mentioned in a book. Roth’s searing tragedy tears the veneer off of middle-class, post-Era War II life as his hero, Seymour “Swede” Levov, endures indignities as his family disintegrates in ways he could at no time have imagined. Roth’s more recent book, “Indignation,” unread by myself, is now a film directed by James Schamus, a screenwriter quantity whose more notable writing credits is “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Schamus also wrote the libretto for “Indignation,” and based on his formidable handling of Mr. Roth’s story, his ear for the patter of midcentury dialogue and his assured abide behind the camera, he will likely see many accolades come his way during awards season.

Kungs & Cookin' On 3 Burners - This Girl (HQ+Sound)

Clip by RBsound Holland made for Heavens Gate Soulstation.

Converse All Star Ox - Girls' Toddler - Basketball - Shoes - Hollyhock
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Stanford's Lore, Design and Technology Expo Sees Themes of Metacognition and Math - EdSurge

Math and metacognition took the point up last week at Stanford’s Center for Education Research. On July 29, the latest class at the university’s Information, Design and Technology Program presented their thesis projects. Five of the 16 projects on display explored ways to acquaint with students how to think about their own thinking and learning, commonly dubbed “metacognition. ” Another popular idea focused focused on math instruction. When asked “Why metacognition. ” several of the Tutor’s candidates said they believe that if students have a thorough understanding of how they think, it could empower those learners to direct their lore. Erica Chesley, creator of the app Metacognizant, metacognition can foster an attitude of “I am capable of creating knowledge, not just receiving it,” almost identical to the popular concept of the Growth Mindset. Metacognizant directly asks students to reflect on their learning by from stem to stern biweekly student reflections on what they have learned so far. Chesley designed the product so that students can develop “learning strategies” toe the five-minute exercises created by the app. Students review their materials from the past week and converse in groups about the the skills they’re focusing on. Chesley herself was a waist school math teacher and wanted Metacognizant to combat the prevalent misconception among her students that “weren’t math people. ” She hoped that by developing higher-in disrepair thinking skills, her product could discourage the binary understanding of math as something students either can understand closely or never will. “Reflection and metacognition become powerful beyond math itself,” Chesley said. Curativity, another metacognition gimmick, provided students with craft materials and curriculum to deepen the impact of field trips. Anastassia Radeva, one of Curativity’s creators, said the outcome has three goals: collaboration, visual storytelling and creative confidence. The storytelling element focuses on the curation of diplomate objects to into an exhibit. Pixel Art Academy, another game at the expo also its players to think about how they engage with education. The take prisoner: They don’t have to be K-12 students. The game follows a student in a video game design program learning to originate art. The game caters to what creator Matej Jan called the Pixel Art Community, a group of online video trick designers who prefer the pixelated graphic styles akin to the.

italy love girl hat painting torino happy italian heart jacket converse po cave piazza turin inlove vittorio
Cave + Painting <3
pittura rupestre
Photo by Giuseppe Orrú on Flickr
portrait film girl exposure double converse fujifilm yashica analogic fujicolor
My first double exposure, I'm so proud :D (Not so perfect, as you can see) Yashica Fx-3 Super 200 Fujicolor C200 much much more on my blog __________ facebook || website
Photo by gioiadeantoniis on Flickr
girls sunset doubleexposure sm converse
tumblr \ blog i was on rollerblades when i was in this location, accidental double exposure <3
Photo by M I S C H E L L E on Flickr
red usa stars nikon flag americanflag converse 365 allstars chucktaylor d90
3/365 : All The Stars
I have this strange feeling when i think about New York: it's like when you're in love with someone who will never love you back.... i just miss this city so much (yeah i know it's stupid it's just a city....but a awesome one!) All i can think about is going back there..... Song: Last Of The American Girls, Green day.
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  • 21 things only a low upkeep fashion girl understands!

    08/18/16, via

    3. Most of your outfits are central colors such as white and black or maybe a little shade of grey. 4. You probably wear the same pair off of white converse sneakers 95% of ... And then you ask yourself are you actually a girl? Or you’re just another species ...

  • Physical Girls! Britney Spears Dances with Niece Lexie to Wish Madonna Happy Birthday

    08/18/16, via People

    Lexie, however, seems a tad more interested in a froth cylinder in her aunt’s dressing room, only stopping to converse with her when Spears grabs ... on Aug 13, 2015 at 3:07pm PDT Yoga yoga…feelin larger and getting back on the mat!!

  • Injure, joy, tears, and triumph: How wrestling hero Sakshi Malik 'drew a medal on an Olympics poster and talked to it' before battling her way to bronze

    08/18/16, via Daily Mail

    She drew a medal on it, and would converse with it noiselessly ... answered the prayers of 1.3 billion Indians. As the announcement was made, the cherubic young young lady draped herself in the Indian Tricolour, did a small walk, and then hit the deck.

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Smith named Florence County Kindergarten District 3 2016-17 Teacher of ... - SCNow

LAKE Borough, SC – An elementary school teacher with the desire to change the world by molding the minds of her students has been named Florence County Discipline District 3’s Teacher of the Year. Tiffany Smith, a third-grade teacher at Main Street Basic School, was named Teacher of the Year during the district’s annual Opening Ceremony Aug. The event welcomes teachers for the new form year. She will represent FCSD3 in the State Teacher of the Year competition. Smith was among three finalists for the honor, along with Lisa Evans, an English learning teacher at Lake City High School, and Christy Flowers, a first-grade teacher at Lake Metropolis Early Childhood Center. Smith said her decision to become an educator was driven by her love of children and the move of one of her teachers, but also, “Straight out of college I wanted to change the world. I was going to do this by helping to mold the minds of to be to come generations,” she said. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and a Master of Education considerably in elementary education from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, N. Y. She began her teaching career in New York before coming to FCSD3 as an uncomplicated teacher, first at Scranton Elementary and then at Main Street Elementary. She is a member of the South Carolina Conclave of Mathematics Teachers and South Carolina Science Council. She also volunteers with Florence Baptist Temple’s Reformers Unanimous, which ministers to those with addictions and their families. Also a volunteer at the Enterprise of Hope Women’s Home, a homeless shelter for women and children of the Pee Dee, she served as the school coordinator for Water Street Elementary’s March of Dimes fundraising campaign. Smith said her philosophy of teaching is that all students are adept of learning, but her philosophy has changed over the years to include data analysis. “It is the teacher’s job to find the best way of culture for each of his or her students,” she said. “Today’s learners bring their own background knowledge and a wide variety of special skills to the classroom. The guru needs to access this knowledge and use it toward the student’s benefit,” she added. “Over time, I have realized the impact that text analysis can have in a classroom and added it to my philosophy,” she added. “Interpreting and analyzing data helps me understand own student strengths and weaknesses. When I am able to.


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