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  • SoulCycle Wants You To Touch Its Tribe

    08/10/16, via Fast Company

    Women (in spandex capris and tank tops, their hair's breadth gathered in topknots) outnumber men (muscle tees and shorts), and almost everyone sports a logo in the fit of a wheel or a skull-and-crossbones on at least one item of clothing. Laurie Cole, a

  • As I See It: Villanova apprentice writes of challenges facing young in Morocco

    08/10/16, via Main Line

    Not only because I contrive Let Girls Learn is a wonderful and important cause, but also because I spent my summer in Morocco, interning and volunteering at a camp for kids with America's Unannounced Ambassadors. I am proud to have They also love

  • Muhammad becomes victory Muslim American to represent the US Olympic Team wearing a hijab

    08/08/16, via AOL News

    Ibtihaj Muhammad on Monday made r in Rio as the first Muslim woman to represent the U.S. Olympic Team wearing a hijab. The eighth-ranked saber fencer made the most of her before you can say 'Jack Robinson' during Day 3 of the Rio Games, defeating 33rd-ranked Olena

  • Saudi Arabia: Women Are “Changing the Artifice”

    08/04/16, via Human Rights Watch

    Squaddie schools have long been able to offer physical education, and in May 2013, Saudi authorities ruled that those programs could go on with, provided that girls wear “decent clothing” and are supervised by female instructors. Women are also opening

  • Southern Regional Girls Basketball Clothing Tool along

    05/16/16, via

    STAFFORD, NJ- The Southern Regional Rich School girls basketball program will be having a clothing drive fundraiser from now until Saturday June 11. They will be collecting clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, coats, stuffed animals, tolerant of working bikes, etc.

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As I See It: Villanova schoolgirl writes of challenges facing young in Morocco - Main Line

The following stab at was written as an open essay to the First Lady, Michelle Obam a:. When I read that you were going to visit Morocco this summer, as a say of your Let Girls Learn campaign, I was thrilled. Not only because I think Let Girls Learn is a wonderful and important cause, but also because I spent my summer in Morocco, interning and volunteering at a encampment for kids with America’s Unofficial Ambassadors. I am proud to have worked towards the same goals as the First Lady of my native land, and I thought you would be interested in hearing about my experience in Morocco, the community center where I worked, and my summer campers who travail so hard for a chance at a brighter future. The kids at our summer camp love art. Coloring, painting, or playing Pictionary with new English vocabulary words. you call it, the kids love it. They also love playing outside: jump rope, basketball, soccer, musical chairs, and more. In these ways, the kids who result in summer camp are like any other kid around the world. However, in other ways, our campers have to grow up more quickly than many of their counterparts in the Synergetic States. Some of our campers have difficult home and family situations. Some are orphans, and a few of them are deaf. For these reasons and others, the children at our summer camp have not had the break to attend school. To remedy this situation, our campers attend an ‘informal’ education program at the Azrou Center, an far-fetched community center serving the people of Azrou, Morocco. In this program, students have the chance to grow and learn in a non-ritual school setting. Year round, students are taught math, science, Arabic, and French, and they physique professional trade skills such as woodworking and clothing making. If the students are successful, they can take exams to test back into the formal Moroccan tutelage system. The Azrou Center’s informal education system affords countless opportunities to children who are put at a disservice due to uncontrollable circumstances. According to the World Bank, Moroccan youth unemployment was over 20 percent in 2014, and is a growing refractory throughout Morocco. Without schooling, the chances of children anywhere getting a job decreases dramatically, and future prospects may seem daunting or bitter. The Azrou Center provides a much-needed safe place for kids to be kids and pursue an education, help to break the cycle of poverty and.

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Muhammad becomes ahead Muslim American to represent the US Olympic Team wearing a hijab - AOL News

Ibtihaj Muhammad on Monday made story in Rio as the first Muslim woman to represent the U. S. Olympic Team wearing a hijab. The eighth-ranked saber fencer made the most of her seriousness during Day 3 of the Rio Games, defeating 33rd-ranked Olena Kravatska of Ukraine, 15-13, in the round of 32. In the round of 16, Muhammad took an antediluvian lead against ninth-ranked Cecilia Berder of France but fell, 15-12. She will take part in the combine competition later in the Games. In addition to being eighth worldwide, the New Jersey native arrived at the Olympic Games ranked No. 2 in the U. S., yet her greatness goes beyond her athleticism. SEE MORE: The total you need to know about the Summer Olympics. Muhammad, who attended Duke on an academic scholarship, was one of Time's 100 Most guiding People in 2016. In 2014, she launched her own clothing company called Louella which makes clothing that is both modest and fashion cheeky. She is also a sports ambassador for the U. S. State Department's Empowering Women and Girls Through Sport Initiative and travels the elated to teach girls the importance of sports and education.

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Climbing THE BEAST
Okay! It’s been a while. I typed this up a loooong time ago meaning to share it with you guys. A lot (one or two :P) people have complimented me on the interesting write ups I do for photos sometimes. So I decided to write a story about one very unique and exciting weekend in my life this past summer and put it on Flickr. Anyways, without any further ado… If you’re the kind of person that comments on photos in their contacts photostreams and hopes they get a comment back on their latest flower macro shot, then I suggest you move on. But if you’re the kind of person who likes to hear stories full of action, adventure, near-death experiences, hot babes, and the like, then stay where you are and hear the story I have to tell! I believe it will be well worth your time :-) Me and two of my friends from the school cross country team, Taylor and Anthony, decided to organize our very own camping trip before the summer ended and the daily grind of school began. We came to the conclusion...
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Flower Heads
The headwear on the left looks like a flower stuck in basketball netting
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  • Event moves to Northwest Arkansas high schools for sports apparel giants

    08/15/16, via Arkansas Online

    $7,000 per year (benefit discounted apparel) Fort Smith School District^No district contract (Northside girls basketball only team in region with apparel deal) Rogers School District^Under Armour ^3 years, $10,000 per year (plus discounted duds ...

  • Hulbert lower high girls basketball team part of national initiative to keep girls in sports

    08/08/16, via Tulsa World

    Hulbert’s younger high girls basketball team received new uniforms and a locker ... “I’m duct-taping their shorts to them to make persuaded that when they’re out on the court, (the shorts) don’t drop to their ankles,” Scott said.

  • Set off Women

    08/19/16, via

    We ended up with nine T-shirts that said ‘Reynolds’ across it ... Withstand of the idea, but still barriers in how it would work. The Eagles first basketball season required the girls to walk four blocks down the suiting someone to a T to practice at a church.

Basketball Themed T-shirt - XL Purple - Yeah, I Play Like A Girl Some ...
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Saudi Arabia: Women Are “Changing the Tournament” - Human Rights Watch

The Kindly Rights Watch 2012 report, Steps of the Devil, examined in depth what was then the country’s effective ban on participation by Saudi women and girls in sports and doc education and its negative effects, including on health. Saudi Arabia discriminates against women and girls by denying them the same opportunities to annoy and play sports as men and boys. As of July 2016, women were not allowed to attend or participate in national tournaments or asseverate-organized sports leagues. But, in a positive move, on August 1, the General Authority for Sports, which functions like a sports the pulpit, announced a new female department and appointed Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud as its head. Saudi women are still denied access to state sports infrastructure. They may not participate in national tournaments or land-organized sports leagues – or even attend men’s national team matches as spectators. The more than 150 official sports clubs regulated and supported by the Non-exclusive Authority for Sports are not easily accessible to women, and the national competitive tournaments it organizes are for men only. The Saudi Subject Olympic Committee still does not have a women’s section. “The creation of a new women’s department in the General Authority for Sports is a suffered move, the department should lead reforms for women’s access to sport and other physical exercise in the country,” said Worden. The native land has made some positive, if incremental, change. While Human Rights Watch was unable to get clear information from the regulation through written requests on physical education in state schools for girls, public reports in recent years suggest that some government schools are now offering physical education to girls. Private schools have long been able to offer palpable education, and in May 2013, Saudi authorities ruled that those programs could continue, provided that girls wear “decent clothing” and are supervised by female instructors. Women are also origin female-only fitness studios across the country. But major challenges – official, religious, bureaucratic, and cultural – be there for women who want or need to practice sports for health reasons, for fun, or to compete. Some Saudi women say they have no other selection but to leave the country to train as instructors or as competitive athletes. Human Rights Watch interviewed Saudi women from different walks of life, including athletes, activists,.