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2011 US Youth Soccer Goal of the Year Top Ten Nominees

After receiving numerous worthy submissions, US Youth Soccer has narrowed the field down to 10 Save of the Year official nominees. The general soccer ...

  • Draw sends US soccer link up back to the drawing board

    08/10/16, via Los Angeles Times

    The U.S. women's soccer span won its group Tuesday but it didn't win its game, with Colombia riding a pair of free-kick goals from midfielder Catalina Usme to a 2-2 use in Manaus. “If I ever have kids, they will not become a goalkeeper,” she joked

  • CEO of USA Rugby sees big help for sport back home

    08/09/16, via Business Insider

    Some youths are alluring up rugby, where head-to-head hits are rare and the cardiovascular and aerobic benefits are more like soccer's. "What I can say safely is that success is taking In youth rugby in the U.S. kids 5 to 12 play with flags just like

  • Olympics ambience far for those in the infamous City of God slum

    08/10/16, via Blue Springs Examiner

    It is a wrong of contrasts that defies oversimplification, where poverty and violence persist alongside modest programs that aim to get some kids off the streets and put forward a path that keeps guns out of their hands. It is also the former home of Brazil

  • Poder Academy adds new athletic arena

    08/10/16, via Wyoming Tribune

    “It's thoughtful of tucked in our corner here, so we're looking at on those windy, windy days, how can I bring my kids into that area, because our tennis courts get hit exceedingly, really hard with the wind on those days. So we can still work on some volleying

  • Are Brazilian children brisk about the Olympics? It's academic

    08/09/16, via Chicago Tribune

    Kave, however, insisted he will profit from the Olympics even if Brazil doesn't net gold in soccer. "I will still like them," he said. "Because we will still be on festival from school." Kids in Chicago and Schaumburg, no doubt, would feel much the same way.

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CEO of USA Rugby sees big shove for sport back home - Business Insider

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Nothing could hold in Dan Payne's spirits Tuesday, not even the U. S. team's heartbreaking 17-14 loss in rugby sevens when Argentina scored after the foghorn. The CEO of USA Rugby expects a big boost in the sport's popularity in the U. S. with the men's gutsy performance coming on the heels of a surprisingly emphatic showing by the women's squad. "The Olympics is what we understand in the United States, more than anything," Payne said. "It's just a preference for these guys to be able to play the game that they love in front of a strong crowd. "And really for us it's about competing here, but it's also about that 8- to 9- to 10-year-old boy and chick at home watching it. We want them to aspire to be future rugby Olympians and share that goal, and that really helps the meet grow and fills the stands. Player Nate Ebner, who learned the game from his late father, who played college rugby, has equivalent hopes for the sport. "I hope it does worlds for rugby. I hope it changes the game," Ebner said after the Americans followed the injury in the opener with a 26-0 shutout of host Brazil. "We can kind of be trailblazers for something great in the United States and clearly that's our hopes and dreams for this sport. "I love this sport. I want to see it have tremendous success, but that's ultimately up to the people back in the Like-minded States and how they embrace the game and how many people get involved," added Ebner, whose fulltime job is as a sanctuary for the New England Patriots. Rugby sevens is a fast-paced version of the time-honored sport that was definitive played at the Olympics in 1924. The Americans won the gold in that 15-a-side tournament back when boxing and horse racing were the big pastimes, baseball was blossoming and the NFL wasn't even in every direction. Rugby sevens features two seven-minute halves divided by a two-minute halftime plus any stoppage antiquated kept by the referee. The games are over in 20 minutes tops. One thing that's helping grow the sport in the U. S. are fears of head for injuries that are driving plenty of of parents to steer their kids away from football. Some youths are taking up rugby, where brain-to-head hits are rare and the cardiovascular and aerobic benefits are more like soccer's. "What I can say safely is that growth is taking off exponentially, especially in that age organization. So, whatever the reasons are, I like to say that there's multiple contributing.

The Kids Show: Soccer Goal, Stilts, Sandbox | Season 6, Episode 20 (2007)

Next episode: In this special episode devoted to ...

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Rio 2016: South American women's soccer still fighting for esteem - The Guardian

he women’s soccer tourney at this year’s Olympics just became more important to the hosts, with the men’s team struggling to qualify for the next stage after draws with South Africa and Iraq. South America’s other representatives, Colombia, on the US on Tuesday but outside of the Olympics there is a bigger issue that has received little attention. While South America boasts some of the in the most suitable way men’s teams in the world, with six teams in the Fifa top 20 and nine World Cup titles, South American women’s teams (only one unite in the top 20 and zero World Cups) are still searching for recognition, legitimacy and an equal level of respect from their own people. When Dania Cabello joined the women’s tandem join up of the Brazilian giants Santos FC in the summer of 2006 she could hardly believe it was happening. “It was like a weird dream I hadn’t fully realized,” she said in a phone check out. Having finished an illustrious college career for the University of California in Berkeley, Cabello – daughter of Chilean exiles who fled to the US to scram Pinochet’s dictatorship – moved to Brazil to continue her education and found there was an opportunity to try out for one of the most famous names in South America. This was after all the nightspot that introduced us to Robinho, Neymar and, of course, Pelé. “As excited as I was for being here I was also aware that my situation was extremely unique because I was an American Latina playing in South America. ” Away from the comforts of being a college athlete in the US, Cabello began to attest to a different world of the women’s game that she had never seen before. “In the US, having played division one college soccer there was very much a masterful feel to it. But after a few days I began to feel that the women’s pro game in Brazil was in some ways like a downgrade. Cabello described in catalogue the contrast between Santos’s men’s and women’s teams and their respective resources. In one example, she recalled how during pre-season training settle crash the men’s academy would eat their own giant dining-room complex while the women would have to stay in their rooms where they would receive trays of aliment. “I don’t want to call it leftovers, but it definitely felt like that. ” Additionally, unlike the men’s team, the women didn’t have their own praxis gear and instead would wear men’s hand-me-downs. Their frequent practices on the beach – as glamorous at is sounds – were due to the happening that the U11 boys’ team had.

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Learning to Dribble
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King-Size Kick
A friend's son giving the ball a mighty kick during one of his soccer games. He once made a goal by kicking it from the middle of the field all the way down into the net.
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Alvear Football vs. Ferro de Pico
Categoria 2002. Class 2002. La pelota la tiene el arquero. The goalkeeper has the ball.
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Nothing But Net
The Toot scores his first goal. He was pumped!
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  • SOCCER: Object from Wissahickon's Elwell helps YMS Xplosion win national title

    08/16/16, via Montgomery News

    Her options were prolific as she prepared to drive a free kick toward the net, her YMS Premier Xplosion team down two goals in the US Minority Soccer Under-17 Girls national championship game in Frisco, Texas. Elwell, a rising senior at Wissahickon and ...

  • Power soccer incomparable's mother knew best

    08/18/16, via The Journal Gazette

    Fourteen years later, Jordan Dickey in all likelihood owes his mom a thank you for getting him into power soccer. “I was a pretty shy kid when I was younger,” said Dickey, 23, who is from Pendleton. “My mom made me go to my win initially soccer practice and I wasn ...

  • Goalkeeper Week: MLS 'keepers dish on how they got their start in net

    08/17/16, via Major League Soccer

    For a youngster starting out in soccer, goalkeeper isn’t explicitly the most natural position. Kids tend to gravitate towards the attacking ... We asked a few MLS goalies just how they got their start in net, who they looked up to at the status and ...

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Getting their kicks: A look at Johnson County boys soccer teams - Common Journal

Center Grove Trojans. Train: Jameson McLaughlin. Last year: 20-2-1. won Class 2A state championship. Who’s back: Gus Caito, Connor Campbell, Jared Wilkerson, Griffin Smith, seniors. Jacob Cooley, Ben Derosa, John Nystrom, Dawson Raymond, juniors. Who’s gone: Conrad Bomber, Hayden Gorrall, Roman Johnson, Kyle Parry, Keaton Radecki, Reed Sauter, Jesse Sherman, Nathan Silva, Caleb Skinner, Patrick Southern, Logan Join in b attack, Brian Wheeler. New kids on the block: Luke Boha, Jack Neal, Drew Sauter, Appropriate Schier, sophomores. Outlook: Second-year coach Jameson McLaughlin remains confident in the face graduating most of his starters from the 2A state champions. Both Campbell and Wilkerson tallied three goals apiece a year ago and assistants form a solid senior core for the Trojans. McLaughlin says: “This is a team that is very easily coached and is craving, for sure. We should be able to defend really well this season, especially in the midfield. Connor Campbell is probably a top-five punter in the state, so anywhere he plays is going to be our strength. Franklin Grizzly Cubs. Coach: Tony Harris. Endure year: 9-6-2, lost to Martinsville in first round of Center Grove Sectional. Who’s back: Austin Barnard, Ryan Clendening, Fernando Lopez-Perez, Sam Vanderveen, seniors. Joe Nerding, subordinate. Owen Atkison, Garrett Snyder, sophomores. Who’s gone: Justin Beasley, Zach Lee, Trevor Vancleave, Bryce Wentzell. New kids on the piece: Owen Mahin, Champ McCorkle, freshmen. Outlook: The return of Nerding (15 goals, nine assists) and Atkison (14 goals, 12 assists) give the Grizzly Cubs one of the section’s better 1-2 punches at the offensive end. Harris says: “We’re going to be really, really good offensively. We’re a younger link up, but having (senior) Austin (Barnard) in goal for us helps. We would like to be able to compete with Center Grove (at sectional), but we warm of want to see how the season plays out. Greenwood Woodmen. Coach: Jack Hamilton. Last year: 1-15-1, desperate to Whiteland in semifinal at Center Grove Sectional. Who’s back: Jerod Bailey, Jackson Beckham, Matt Lekse, Johnny Moranchel, Damon Maynard, seniors. Angel Capi, George Flanagan,.