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LDR Headgear's Soccer Headband

Kids love the extra layer of protection.

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(c) mehmet erdoğan You saw Pandora in fifth grade writing love notes on scraps of paper and thought her to be impossibly romantic. On the first day of school she wore a pink shirt that showcased two red hearts inside one another, and when she took some time getting up after the bell rang, you fell in love with her. She liked shivering early mornings; she collected cut outs of movie stars from magazines. You stayed consistently curious throughout high school - perhaps insistent on your crush particularly so it would get you through three years of otherwise mind-numbing world of academe. She would pack so much grace in small movements in the tiniest of moments it confused you. Which is why when she smiled at you, it warmed you, made you want to sing, made you want to dance - until you saw her smile at Josh, too, and then at Phil, and even at Casey. When Titanic came out, Leo DiCaprio was all she’d talk about, so you grew your hair. You got your braces taken out, much to your mother’s...
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  • Zatlin heads off injuries with kids' soccer headband

    07/18/99, via The Business Journal

    He came up with Faculty Blast, the headband for kids, after being involved as a youth soccer coach for six and a half years. The headband, which will sell for $20 and be available Aug. 15, contains a lather cushion inside and a plastic front and is intended to ...

  • Headband experiment wraps up success for Battle Ground 9-year-old

    08/15/16, via The Reflector

    Nine-year-old Nevaeh Munro, of Action Ground, spends, her time doing all the usual things kids do — playing ... and yoga studios. And her soccer team wears them too, she said. Since January, she has donated 225 headbands. What does a 9-year-old do ...

  • Apprise Us: Should Soccer Players Wear Protective Headgear?

    10/19/12, via Patch

    In the coming weeks, constitution lawmakers will vote on a bill, being forwarded by the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, that would allow youth and momentous school soccer players to wear protective headbands during games. The light-weight padded headbands ...

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