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  • Link up uniforms for the 2016 Olympic Games

    08/01/16, via The National

    With just days to go until the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, we look at how unsurpassed designers have combined fashion and national pride in the teams' uniforms. With an estimated one billion people expected to vigil the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics

  • Rio Olympics 2016: the most superbly and worst team uniforms

    08/06/16, via The New Daily

    Spain: With tennis evening star Rafael Nadal leading the way, the Spanish athletes were a colourful spectacle, keeping it simple in blue blazers and red trousers but adding some novelty with their braided belts, scarves and dapper fedoras. Plus, a huge smile

  • Daisy Lowe shows grasp in form-fitting jumpsuit at Glastonbury

    06/25/16, via Daily Mail

    And on Saturday afternoon working model Daisy Lowe brought her signature poise and grace to the muddy terrain of Glastonbury as she turned up and turned out for another day at the music carnival. The 27-year-old stunner brought a major dose of glamour to the

  • Over 100-year-old Fairfax native oozes charm and character

    05/14/16, via SFGate

    Tucked away on a unexcited leafy street, this turn-of-the-century home built before the 1906 earthquake oozes charm and characterization. With paneled ceilings and wainscoting, mint-green Shaker-style cabinets in the kitchen and clawfoot tubs in both bathrooms

  • Jupiter has new caller — a solar-powered spacecraft

    07/05/16, via

    This artist's version provided by NASA and JPL-Caltech shows the Juno spacecraft above the planet Jupiter. Five years after its initiation from Earth, Juno is scheduled to go into orbit around the gas giant on Monday, July 4, 2016. (NASA/JPL-Caltech via

Lacoste Mens Leather Belt
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Set uniforms for the 2016 Olympic Games - The National

ith an estimated one billion people expected to watch the foot in the door ceremony of the Rio Olympics on Friday, the pressure is on for the athletes to look their best as they embark on the ultimate test of their sporting ability. For all of them, it is the culmination of four years of hard work – and for some, it will be the highlight of their career. With so many eyes upon them, many will no waver find the opening-day parade an exciting yet nerve-racking experience. Some will be wearing team outfits designed by the biggest names in way. As we await the start of the Games, the burning question, at least on my mind, is not how many Russian athletes will be allowed to clash, or whether Jamaica’s Usain Bolt can outrun the Americans – it is what will everyone be wearing. Call me a narrow-minded fashionista, but the sartorial event is where the true battle will take place this summer. Here’s a look at the front-runners in the fashion stakes. As the other north-American contingent, Canadians are to a large respected for their easy going nature and laid-back approach to life. So it was a bit of a surprise to learn that designers Dsquared2 were tasked with styling the together’s uniforms. The outlandish twin brothers are known for their brash fashion approach, making them an unusual determination for the Olympics. The opening-ceremony uniforms they have created, however, are rather fabulous: unisex fishtail shirts, dog-tired over sweatpants-cut trousers, with double-pocket jackets and the trademark Dsquared2 tailoring. Although it owes more to fashion than sports, the charitable maple-leaf motif on the back at least make them easy to spot. Medal chances – outside of boxing – for this scanty island are slim, but its athletes are in the running to claim the gold medal for the snazziest outfits. With their closing-formalities looks designed by Christian Louboutin and Henri Tai, the former professional volleyball player and founder of SportyHenri. com, the Cuban duo will be resplendent in jaunty red blazers, teamed with red high-top trainers. The white star of the country’s flag is cleverly acclimatized as the single detail on an otherwise simple jacket. Emblazoned across the back, it is as striking as it is patriotic. Hailing from the home of some of the everyone’s top fashion labels, the pressure is always on the Italians to look dapper. However, this means that Italy has an outstanding stable of.

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Mens Boys Lacoste Belt Leather Belts New 100 Original | eBay
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Rio Olympics 2016: the largest and worst team uniforms - The New Daily

The Olympics are known for being an astounding disclose of physical prowess, but they’re also worth watching for the sartorial spectacle. Whilst the speedos, singlets and shorts the athletes contend in aren’t much to write home about, the team uniforms they parade in at the opening ceremony speak volumes about each rural area’s national identity. Athletes from 206 nations flooded into Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium wearing outfits that ranged from lambent to boring to … well, whatever Sweden was wearing. Here’s a breakdown of those who dressed to impress and those who could have done with a little less get spirit. The best The United States of America: Without a doubt the winners of the Olympic style stakes were Crew USA in their red, white and blue get-ups from designer Ralph Lauren, the pioneer of classic cool. The pants-and-blazer mix was chic, comfortable and flattering on everyone. More importantly, the athletes were clearly big fans of the uniform, posting copiousness of selfies to social media. Canada: Although not as timeless as the USA’s uniform, Canada’s team looked super fly in their ultra-modern outfits, created by Toronto-based object duo Dsquared2. Their oversized jumpers, maple leaf-embellished blazers, beautifully cut black trousers and anaemic sneakers epitomised the ath-leisure trend the style world is so fond of at the moment. Equal parts use and fashion – perfect for the athlete about town. France: Okay, so there’s a clear advantage to having a flag with honeyed colours in it and a local fashion industry boasting some of the world’s top designers. It would have been pretty hard for France to make a hash of up. Red, white and blue are easy to work with – yellow, green or orange, not so much. Thankfully, France got it completely rectitude by enlisting iconic sportswear label Lacoste, which produced a preppy yet casual array of polo shirts, cadaverous pants, tailored shorts and seriously cool anoraks. Germany: As several social media users penetrating out, Germany’s athletes appeared to be channelling their inner librarian with this poorly executed mash-up of leggings, anoraks, skirts and belabour-up shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like librarians, of course. It’s just, wouldn’t we all rather look like athletes if we made it to the Olympic Games.

  • Paris 2010: Citroën Lacoste Concept is a work buggy for the white belt set

    09/30/10, via Autoblog

    This is the Citroën Lacoste ... for men, women and children. Lacoste S.A. operates and coordinates nine worldwide licences granted to manufacturing partners, covering clothing; footwear; fragrances; leather goods; eyewear; watches; home textiles; belts ...

  • Corporation Overview of Lacoste S.A.

    08/14/16, via Bloomberg

    Lacoste S.A. manufactures chance and sports clothing, shoes, perfumes, leather goods, eyewear, watches, and belts for women, men, and children. The troop offers its products through its stores. Lacoste S.A. was formerly known as La Societe Chemise Lacoste.

  • Fanny packs gaining stylishness with women - and even men

    07/29/13, via The Columbus Dispatch

    the Michael Kors disc in the Macy’s at Easton Town Center — where she works — began selling several options (under the description “belt bags”) from the artist. And, during New York Fashion Week in September, DKNY and Lacoste both introduced ...

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Daisy Lowe shows icon in form-fitting jumpsuit at Glastonbury - Daily Mail

As matter-of-fact as she is stylish, she wore two bags: a baby blue purse and a characterful black sack in the shape of her DSLR camera. She pulled her tresses back in a ponytail and added texture and intrigue with gorgeous braid work - no doubt a treat for those lucky enough to cover for a be prominent or sit behind her. The 5ft 10in stunner fought off the rays with hexagonal shades, breaking from the omnipresent round shades threadbare by so many other festival goers.