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  • Gillian Armstrong: “Cloud is not a level playing field for women.”

    “I have to say I was shamefaced I'd never heard of Orry-Kelly,” says Gillian Armstrong, the renowned Australian kingpin of several internationally acclaimed films such as My Brilliant Career, High Tide, Little Women and Charlotte Gray. “I'd seen all

  • Prayers, darling and support grow for two Whittlesey families whose children are on the same ward in Peterborough City ...

    08/10/16, via Wisbech Standard

    “We are out of options for new medications to try. The only sedate that “We're working with Effie's amazing doctors and nurses to find the right balance, to keep her as easy as we can. “It is truly devastating to “A disease we'd never

  • Get A Pet

    08/08/16, via

    1322 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford; (508) 961-2287; [email protected]; CATS. Coal: Cheerful, young black female. Bold girl who CATS. Daisy Mae: Pretty, short haired tuxedo female. Sociable girl that has taken good care of her

  • Adeline Gray best the boys at wrestling, ready for Rio

    08/01/16, via USA TODAY

    NEW YORK (AP) — When Adeline Gray stepped on the wrestling mat in piercing school against a male competitor, she got his attention pretty quickly. She grabbed her opponent, and his "eyes opened up like saucers, She joined her uncle's wrestling league together

  • Rio Olympics 2016: Vacancy Ceremony best and worst dressed

    THE NETHERLANDS: They look like what Germany were upsetting to achieve - simple grey red and blue colour palette. Just like an COS catalogue. Members of the United States cooperate take IRELAND: There was a bit of backlash from Irish designers when the

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Gillian Armstrong: “Film over is not a level playing field for women.” - Film School Rejects (blog)

(releasing August 9 on VOD), is the produce of her rigorous research on Orry-Kelly — a revolutionary designer who favored clean lines and streamlined structures over frills and poofs — and a rare savage of a documentary. In charting the marvelously juicy and spectacularly storied life of Orry-Kelly — who dressed hundreds of films from initial 1930s to 1960s, won 3 Oscars and created iconic looks for the likes of Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Kay Francis and Barbara Stanwyck — Armstrong dodges the stock talking heads + archival footage formula, and uses highly-stylized, striking re-enactments to construct her film. But of course, present-day interviews (with subjects like Angela Lansbury, Jane Fonda, flick critic and historian Leonard Maltin and costume designers Ann Roth and Deborah Nadoolman Landis) and unbelievable film clips that display Orry-Kelly’s jaw-dropping, envy-inducing designs are in there bountifully, too. It’s immaculate to say that Armstrong’s documentary is a slice of heaven for Old Hollywood lovers and costume design enthusiasts alike. Women He’s Undressed, while dedicating a noble portion of the film to his intimate and much-speculated relationship with Archibald Leach — who later on assumed his movie-headliner name Cary Grant — and chronicling the Golden Age of Hollywood in all its glory and all-consuming, possessive nature. In the end, what Armstrong achieves is a cranny entertaining, lush and occasionally sorrowful portrayal of an artist who both thrived on his talent and was hindered by the obstacles of a on the cards era in Hollywood. Joining me on the phone all the way from Australia, Armstrong generously talked about her new film and recounted how she fortuitously got her hands on Orry-Kelly’s extensive-lost memoir titled “Women I’ve Undressed,” set to be released in the US in just a couple of months. We also chatted about the importance of dress design in cinema (which she briefly studied and takes incredibly seriously) and her ongoing activism and advocacy for women in haze industry. “All those years I just used to say, I got here so why can’t everybody else. But now I think [different], and this is starting to look scandalous,” the filmmaker notes. Below is an edited interpretation of our conversation, during which she surprised me with a scoop on the Oscar-nominated costumes of Women He’s Undressed for quite some time. Gillian Armstrong: Damien [Parer], my in, was tossing around the idea and doing little bits of research.

NEW BALANCE Styled: Outfit Idea Lookbook

NEW BALANCE Styled: Outfit Idea Lookbook SUBSCIRBE here: Woman are giving there feet a rest from pumps and stilettos and loving ...

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Prayers, tenderness and support grow for two Whittlesey families whose children are on the same ward in Peterborough City ... - Wisbech Guide

Effie Hadman, six, who has Batten’s Disability, is under sedation where medics are trying to keep her seizures under control. Baby James Overland, who has Menkes, is under attention as he is being constantly sick and needs a stomach peg to help him feed. The life expectancy of children with Battens is six to 12 years old while for Menkes it is just three. Messages of adulation and support have been pouring in to the Whittlesey and District Community Facebook page for the youngsters and their families. Effie’s mum Carly said: “Her dab brother is missing her terribly and just wants her to wake up. “Thank you all so much for keeping Effie in your thoughts and prayers. Her poor as a church-mouse little body must be exhausted from the continuous jerking. “We are out of options for new medications to try. The only drug that stops the movements leaves Effie deaf to for hours on end. “We’re working with Effie’s amazing doctors and nurses to find the right balance, to keep her as comfortable as we can. “It is indeed devastating to see our princess having such a hard time and being completely unable to help her. “A disease we’d never heard of only a few years ago, is frustrating it’s hardest to take our little girl away from us and there is nothing we can do to stop it. ”. When Effie was diagnosed the Hadman’s were purposeful to raise money for research and awareness of the rare disorder. Last year they enjoyed a trip to Disneyland Florida when they were middle 25 families selected to enjoy a Caudwell Children Destination Dreams trip. With them were 12 doctors and more than 40 volunteers. On their Just Giving bellhop Paul said: “Our son was born just before Effie was diagnosed. George is two now, we are trying to create as many memories for him with Effie, in the hope that he will always keep in mind his big sister. In the same ward with Effie is James, who, in his short life, has been in hospitals at Peterborough, Addenbrooke’s, Guy’s and Evelina Children’s Hospitals in London for treatment. His mum Emma Louise Minett, of Whittlesey, learnt at daybreak on that the condition meant he would not grow properly and he would suffer a deterioration of his nervous system. Former Posh stars are teaming up for a football resemble to raise money for him next month. Expect to see sporting names including Jack Collison, Andy Furnell, Marcus Ebdon, Garry Butterworth, Lee Howarth, Matthew Gill,.

red woman girl tattoo broadway cellphone icedtea mobilephone hood peeps georgias grayshirt apertureedited sthash6opj8fobdpuf
Iced tea at Georgia's, version 2
This is an edited version of the original photo, which you can see here. I wanted to reduce the dark shadows on the woman's pants, so you could see more detail there ... but I may have taken away too much of the shadow on her face. I'll let you be the judge... This was taken at the deli/bakery (Georgia's, click here for details) on the southwest corner of 89th & Broadway. This woman was sitting alone, staring into space with a dreamy look on her face, and she would have appeared much more photogenic if I could have moved my camera a little faster and snapped the picture. But then a waiter appeared, bring what turned out to be a glass of ice tea; and he obscured my view of her for a couple moments while he was setting it down. But the time he got out of camera range, she had picked up her cell phone, and was calling someone ... perhaps to report on the arrival of her ice tea... This is an evolving photo-project, which will probably continue throughout the summer of 2008, and...
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Appointment for Sin (1962) ...item 2.. When the Sweet Spot Becomes a Sore Spot -- friction-intensive sex (October 31, 2011) ...item 3.. My Year in Waxing School (Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at 12:08 PM ET) ...
Nail technicians and skin-care specialists (the salon workers who do the most waxing) earn a mean annual pre-tax wage of $22,150 to $31,990. This figure doesn't include tips, which can total another $4,430 to $6,398—a clear financial incentive to befriend your clients in this service-based, nonreciprocal way. And yet. When it came to 38, I wanted the cash, not the compliment, to show the value of my abilities. And maybe, to compensate for how she got to leave feeling so clean and sexy—but I could still smell her body on me, ever so faintly, even after I threw away the gloves and washed my hands. . ........***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ........ . I’m not sure what the phrase “owning your sexuality” means to you, but for me, one thing it entails is responsibility: doing my best to make sexual choices that are sound for me and a partner. (That’s also part of doing consent well.) If I am offering something sexually light and fun but anticipate that...
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uk england london citylife parliament september houseofcommons 2015 2011 12milewalk davidholtlondon autumn2015 september2015 londontuesdayseptember82015
London Tuesday September 8 2015 091 Parliament (8)
Refugee Crisis in Europe Emergency debate (Standing Order No. 24) Mr Holloway: Give me a couple of minutes. Just let me get into my stride. Instead, those who are refugees should be offered a well-resourced place of safety—perhaps in Europe, but more probably in a safe place in the region where they live—and if it turns out that someone is an economic migrant, they should be taken home. This is not xenophobic: it is moral, practical, fair and sustainable over many years. As I see it, it is the only way to slow the number of bodies landing on the beaches and to allow Europe to re-establish control of its borders, which it has now lost. If we fail to achieve this, millions more people will make these journeys and we will be overwhelmed in the years ahead and less able to send resources to the region. There are big disparities in security and economic opportunities between nations, and they will not be solved by short-term measures, such as giving hundreds of thousands of people...
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mathewsbristolstreetdirectory1871 wiwrhistoricalbristolstreetdirectory1871
WI - WR - Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
Mathews' Bristol Street Directory 1871 Wilder Street, North Street to Grosvenor Road John Smith, lath render J. T. Ball and Sons, maltsters, etc John Summerville, builder, etc Charles Pitman James Merry, black smith John Tucker Thomas Davis, chimney sweep William Sherring, nail manufacturer William Nichols - In October 1884 he was 14 years old, living with his parents in Baptist Mills and working at Messrs W Sherring of Wilder Street, a nail manufactory. Whilst carrying iron from the bins he slipped and fell against the flywheel. By the time the machine was stopped, he was dead. There was a fence around the machine, but the workers were in the habit of 'pushing it aside'. Withy & Co. ginger-beer, lemonade & soda-water manufacturers James Williams, 1, Cave street cottages Eliza Snow, fly proprietor, 2, Cave street cottages Joseph Johnson, carpenter & undertaker, 3, Cave street cottages George Smith, boot maker William Lambert, grocer, etc Joseph Chard, baker &...
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  • New Balance Kj990 Child Girls Size 3.5 Gray Mesh Running Shoes

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    New balance kj990 adolescence girls size 3. 5 gray mesh running shoes condition: new with box brand / style: new balance kj990 style party: kj990gpg color: gpg material: synthetic material detail: closure: measurements: 1 heel width: mid dimensions: w x h x ...

  • 9-year-old fianc sexually assaulted at California Kmart

    09/02/16, via AOL

    KTLA-- Riverside regulate asked for help Thursday in their search for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 9-year-old girl inside a Kmart ... These 4 balance transport credit cards could help you save big Try a new high yield savings account Personal ...

  • Girls' basketball: Balanced Gray-NG outlasts Natty tidy up Mountain

    01/02/16, via Sun-Journal

    GRAY — What it lacks in intensity, the Gray-New Gloucester girls' basketball team makes up for with balance. The Patriots are without two key players in their lineup, but are finding enough talent to get the job done. Saturday, Gray-NG had a crowd of ...

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Adeline Gray batter the boys at wrestling, ready for Rio - USA TODAY

NEW YORK (AP) — When Adeline Gray stepped on the wrestling mat in superior school against a male competitor, she got his attention pretty quickly. She grabbed her opponent, and his "eyes opened up like saucers, like 'untainted cow, I've got to fight for my life,'" said her father, George. Gray is all business on the mat, with a 38-0 winning streak the history two years against women. She started wrestling at 6, first coached by her dad and uncle near Denver, Colorado. She grappled with the boys in salad days leagues through high school. Now, the three-time world champion will attempt to win the first gold for U. S. women's wrestling on Aug. "She has the knack to stay focused when the lights are on," George Gray said. "She knows how to win. Gray won the majority of her high school matches against boys at 130-140 pounds. Now she's coached by Terry Steiner, a old All-American wrestler at Iowa who leads the U. S. women's national team. Women's wrestling was added at the 2004 Athens Games. When wrestling nearly got tossed out of the Olympics three years ago, increasing women's participation was mass the improvements required by the IOC. Women were added to wrestling boards and female referees to the mat. Two more weight classes were added, bringing the unalloyed to six in Rio. Gray, a three-time world champion, has traveled to 22 countries for competitions in the last several years. She's emit eight years at the U. S. Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, getting ready for the Japanese women. They won three of the four golds at the 2012 London Games, where Gray was an alternate. Here are some things to positive about the 25-year-old Gray, who is ranked No. 1 at 75 kilograms (165 pounds). EARLY TRAINING. She joined her uncle's wrestling cudgel and started with tumbling and basic moves "to see who had better balance. " She honed her wrestling technique and competitive skills here age 12, when she developed "strength and skill and put that into a complete match," she said. Gray says her mother Donna will certify that she was "super-hyper" as a kid. Wrestling and playing soccer with her three younger sisters helped redirect her spirit. "I definitely think my parents had the option to medicate me to kind of calm me down, and they chose to put me in athletics," she said. "It helped me in junior high school, it helped me in so many different areas of my life. GRAPPLING GUYS.