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  • UM's John Beilein apt with Jumpman - after doing research

    08/09/16, via Detroit Free Press

    John Beilein realized the moment when he was first asked about the possibility of Michigan becoming a Nike Jumpman basketball program. But before he said yes to Some kids will really bent the Nike gear, Jordan Brand more than other options. We

  • Denton shoppers fringe benefits from tax-free weekend

    08/10/16, via Denton Record Chronicle

    “Levi's and Nike, of our bigger brands, did quite well this past weekend, and in all areas, not just kids apparel,” he said. “Since we're “The focus has shifted to shoes, clothes and backpacks for kids, versus for mom,” he said of the sales tax

  • Marysville's Northside shoe moves to bigger digs

    08/10/16, via HeraldNet

    MARYSVILLE — Outside footwear company Northside aims to appeal to people interested in “the other side of the outside.” Almost every alfresco company features hard-core adventurers in its marketing. Northside chases those people who want to go

  • Michigan's partnership with Air Jordan is beating Ohio Maintain in the apparel race: My plan for the Buckeyes to even ...

    08/10/16, via

    Kids today may dig more directly to LeBron because he's playing right now, but the Jordan gear is unquestionably the elite sub-brand of Nike. When Ohio Submit The biggest misconception about Jordans is that they're just shoes. No, they're a

  • Kit failure exposes Nike's absurd Tiger Woods lie | New ...

    08/08/16, via New York Post

    There are times when that Nike swoosh can both smack of and act like a boomerang. Nike last week announced it's getting out of the golf-gear business.

Nike Kids Flex Experience (Infant/Toddler) Sneakers & Athletic Shoes ...
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UM's John Beilein joyous with Jumpman - after doing research - Detroit Free Press

John Beilein realized the possibility when he was first asked about the possibility of Michigan becoming a Nike Jumpman basketball program. But before he said yes to then-interim athletic manager Jim Hackett on Fourth of July weekend 2015, he made some calls, doing the kind of research he's done his for the most part career. Beilein never jumps into anything just because other people are doing it. New U-M commit Livers says he's a perfect fit "I at called all of my assistants to make sure," Beilein said on "The Huge Show" today on the radio. "And I did quick inquiry. I called Roy Williams at North Carolina and I've known (Georgetown's) John Thompson for awhile. There was only four other schools wearing it and I wanted to do sure it was the right thing. It looks fashionable and it was great. At the same time, are we going to be able to get the product and is it something that our kids will be skilled to have enough of. "(Williams and Thompson) said absolutely, it's been terrific. It's a unique brand for sure, and we're one of the only schools using it. ". Beginning with the start of the Nike roll oneself Aug. 1, the football program got most of the attention because U-M is the first football Jordan Brand school in the state. As a result, with the season looming, football players and coaches got their gear first, while basketball may wait a few more weeks for most of it. But they're over the moon with what they have and showed their excitement with a number of basketball players appearing at the Nike launch rally outside the M Den late July 31. "Our kids are wearing it, it's relaxing," Beilein said. "It's a tremendous addition to what we have here at Michigan. North Carolina, Marquette, Georgetown and now Michigan are the only college basketball teams under the Jumpman maker. While football coach Jim Harbaugh has had a few conversations with Michael Jordan, Beilein is still waiting for his chance, saying "expectedly that will happen soon, sooner rather than later. Michael is a big North Carolina fan, obviously. So he may feel more wisely about Michigan football wearing it than Michigan basketball. Beilein sees the recruiting benefit. "Anytime you have something that's harmonious ' like that, it's really helpful," he said. "Our association with the Nike brand goes way back and it's so very helpful. Some kids will really love the Nike materials, Jordan Brand more than other.

Unboxing of Nike Free 5.0 Kids' Running Shoe Blue

Leo unboxes his new Nike Shoes. Color: Game Royal / Neo Turquoise / Light Retro / Black ...

Nike School Shoes: Nike Kids Shoes Free
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Denton shoppers advantage from tax-free weekend - Denton Record Chronicle

Back-to-educate shopping season is here. Many retailers reported having strong traffic and sales for the sales tax gala this past Friday through Sunday, kicking off the back-to-school shopping season with numerous items selling tax-unfettered, including school supplies and apparel. While official savings numbers haven’t been released, the Texas comptroller’s support estimates people saved $92 million in taxes this past weekend, up from $87 million in 2015. During the three-day term, for each $100 people spent on qualifying items, they saved about $8 in sales tax. For a lot of shoppers at places like Wal-Mart, this makes a dissension, said Molly Blakeman, a spokeswoman for the company. “We are very excited by how we were able to help customers get back to grade for less last weekend,” she said in a statement. “We know the savings they see during sales tax holidays can mean an added shirt or a backpack for many families. Basic items like undergarments and socks were hot items at Kohl’s in Denton, especially on Saturday, the hang on store’s busiest day of the weekend. The rush coincided with the Health Services of North Texas back-to-school giveaway, which helped 860 children get institute supplies from retailers at Rayzor Ranch Marketplace. “It brought a lot of families to our store, and the traffic we saw from that Saturday morning was a elephantine lift for us,” said Chris Arreaga, the Denton store’s manager. The store handed out 350 complimentary spiral notebooks to children who participated in the back-to-school drive. Traffic continued Sunday, and though the company does not publish data on traffic or sales to media outlets, Arreaga said sales were strong throughout the holiday. “Levi’s and Nike, of our bigger brands, did unusually well this past weekend, and in all areas, not just kids apparel,” he said. “Since we’re in a college town, we see a lot of young men’s, junior and misses raiment as well. At Golden Triangle Mall, the focus seemed to be on the kids, said Matt Ludemann, the mall’s overseer. Stores reported to him that parents seemed more focused on making sure kids were ready for school instead of also browsing for themselves. “The heart has shifted to shoes, clothes and backpacks for kids, versus for mom,” he said of the sales tax holiday weekend. Also, there was a bit of a surprise when Sunday turned out to be a healthier day for many retailers at the mall, compared to past.

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The kid wore his new Nike Free running shoes to school today. He loves "being fast"!
Photo by AngryJulieMonday on Flickr
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Getting Angry Kid into running this year. My mom bought him these @Nike Free's. He is signed up for 2 kid's races this year. I'm slightly jealous of his shoes because I can't wear Nike's. #running
Photo by AngryJulieMonday on Flickr
Nike Kobe VI - Big Kids - Basketball - Shoes - White/Black/Del Sol/Neutral Grey 今日ヒューストンに戻りました。。。。( ; ; ) 帰り道にアウトレットでバッシュを買いました( ̄^ ̄)ゞ サイズ子供4です~3だと小さいかな~と。3.5がありませんでした。 $59.98 ただし8.25%の消費税です~(^_^;) かさばるので、箱から出して持って帰りますね。
Photo by hiroaki.koji on Flickr
sneakers nike modifiédansiphoto
Nike Dunk "Valentine" Kids
Photo by KoRnMuSe on Flickr

  • Nike Jordan Kids Air Jordan 4 Retro Bg Basketball Shoe

    08/18/16, via

    The Air Jordan Retro 4 Basketball Shoe is an iconic shoe with a proven on record. In order to keep up with Jordan's championship caliber play, the Air Jordan 4 debuted in 1989.

  • Nike is bringing costly school players to the White House to stop them from using Under Armour

    08/16/16, via Tell Me News

    Shoe Warz are warming up again ... It’s all in an application to stop Under Armour from poaching Nike kids to play in their Elite 24 video game Saturday on ESPNU. The nearest iteration of grassroots basketball– frequently referred to as AAU– works ...

  • Get energetic with these great deals on Nike apparel, smartwatches and more!

    08/16/16, via Chron

    Piece more in the comments. Academy Sports takes up to 25 percent off a selection of Nike men's, women's, and kids' apparel and shoes. (Prices are as considerable. The banner states up to 25% off, but we've found deeper discounts within.) Shipping starts at $7 ...

nike toddler shoes boys Quotes
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Marysville's Northside shoe moves to bigger digs - HeraldNet

MARYSVILLE — Open-air footwear company Northside aims to appeal to people interested in “the other side of the outside. Almost every open-air company features hard-core adventurers in its marketing. Northside chases those people who want to go front, but maybe not jump off a cliff. “It’s really about going to the beach with your kids, going camping, kind of the lighter side of play,” said Jack Wolfin, president of Triple T Trading, which owns Northside. “Not everyone wants to climb a mountain. It’s a slot that seems to be working. Northside moved last month into a 110,000-square-foot office and depot building at 4025 152nd St. NE Marysville, constructed specifically for its business. The Northside logo appears in giant letters on the external. Northside, owned by Wolfin and brothers Jeff and Bob Thayer, had been doing business in relative anonymity at a 30,000-healthful-foot building near Quil Ceda Village. The company sells its hiking boots, snow boots and sandals toe retailers in 50 states, including Fred Meyer, Amazon, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Nordstrom Coat-rack and a host of independent retailers. Wolfin declined to disclose sales figures, but says the company has moved into the mid-stratum of shoe brands. “We would just say we sell millions of pairs of shoes a year,” Wolfin said. The company employs 37 people in Marysville, including five in its shoe shape department. The company also employs another 14 through an import business called Fortune Star Worldwide in China, where the shoes are made. The company works with another 25 independent sales representatives. Triple T Trading was started by the Thayers parents, Jim and Helen Thayer. They owned a pair of children’s retail stores in the Portland area in the 1980s called Whippersnappers. Jim Thayer was invited to start representing brands to other retailers. When all is said, that led him to buying and selling to other retailers wholesale products — shoes, sunglasses and almost anything. Jeff and Bob Thayer about stacks of boxes on the family’s Ping-Pong table. That eventually morphed into an import business where Jim Thayer made contacts with factories in Taiwan and China. “In the beginning, he would go over and pick and select some of the things that some of the factories had developed,” Bob Thayer said. “We started to focus on things that our customers were looking for. As the visitors.