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  • Puma Q2 Sales Up 7 Percent After Well-substantiated Euro Performance

    07/27/16, via Yahoo Finance

    Puma has scored another caserne of sales growth, boosted by the Euro 2016 soccer tournament and strong demand for its women's lines, fronted by Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. The Herzogenaurach, Germany-based determine, which is controlled by French group

  • Retailers & Experts Fall The Tough Questions On This Back-To-School Season

    07/25/16, via Footwear News

    Jason Hastily, VP and DMM for men's and women's athletic shoes at Famous Footwear, said he expects the usual top-cut performance from Nike and Converse but is also adding Adidas to his list due to accelerating momentum. Courtesy of Puma. Rack Extent

  • Snapchat Me Your Inhumation (If It's Cool)

    06/02/16, via Yahoo Food

    A photo of an old concubine who appears to be lying in a casket as Snapchat's flower crown filter illuminates her face went viral this week. The cast was traced back to comedian Bobby J., who posted the shot on his Facebook page. “At my Grandma's Funeral

  • Alexander Alexander Skarsgard Saved Margot Robbie From a Clothes-press Malfunction

    07/06/16, via Yahoo News

    Experiencing a apparel malfunction on the red carpet is probably every actress's worst nightmare (although Jennifer Lawrence certainly handles it like a pro). Fortunately for Margot Robbie, who suffered a frame mishap at the premiere for The Legend

  • According to a redditor, this is Jon Snow's Honest name

    06/29/16, via Yahoo News

    For six mostly seasons, we've been calling the beautiful bastard Jon Snow by his Game of Thrones book-given name: “Jon Snow.” But after the Seasonable 6 finale, we're not so sure WHAT to call him, because the show writers are strongly suggesting “Jon” was

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Snapchat Me Your Burial (If It's Cool) - Yahoo Food

Undoubtedly a broad smile for a location with such a painful history. (Photo: @PrincessBMM). The intersection between social media and termination is certainly a fraught one. In 2014, a teenager’s selfie at the Auschwitz concentration camp made headlines. In the typical example, a girl is pictured standing between two buildings and broadly smiling. She caught tremendous flak for the photo, which she says was a payment to her father, who died a year before and was fascinated by Holocaust history. The same year, a fashion blogger held a s hoot in a Jewish mausoleum, showing off her #ootd aggregate the plaques of the dead. Another struck a pose at Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The people in the photos seemed initially unfeeling to the fact that what they were doing would most likely be considered pretty distasteful. On a personal note, a friend of mine passed away about seven years ago. The disadvantage was crushing — she was a young woman I always remembered as bubbly, intelligent, accepting, and loving to her infant son and everyone all about her. It was horrible to think her child and the world would be deprived of such a wonderful and positive human being. Her Facebook wall filled up with dedicated comments and reflections about her life, which I tearfully scrolled through in the days and weeks after her sudden passing. To this day, I can hardly wrap my brainpower around the fact that she’s not somewhere in the Ohio countryside, stringing together a daisy chain or taking a route trip and cracking jokes about the ridiculous billboards she passed. One day, as I scrolled through old photos of her, reminiscing about the days we used up together, I came upon a tagged photo of her flower-laden casket. As my mouse hovered over the image, her favour then popped up over an image of her being lowered into her final resting place. I thought, Who the heck thought this was cool to upload to popular media. I also wondered if this was the future of death and mourning: Would I have to see the caskets and urns of my friends and loved ones because that would be the gauge. The photos were later, thankfully, removed from her profile. Facebook actually announced in February that it will allow people to write a friend or family member, otherwise known as a “legacy contact,” to be a Facebook estate executor to manage their account after extinction. Prior to this change, family or friends had to contact Facebook to turn the page into a memorial.

puma backpack unboxing

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My Eating Turmoil Almost Destroyed My Family - Yahoo Food

Additionally relaxing me, exercise helped me feel in control. So did monitoring my food, which was something I'd learned from my mom. She'd cut refined sugars and processed foods from our diets when I was growing up and training as a gymnast and cheerleader. After reading a book about corporate agribusiness as a teenager, I also quit eating red meat. When Aubrey was a baby, I eliminated dairy from both our diets, so we drank rice withdraw and bought rice or almond cheese. Eating this way made me feel powerful, strong and - most importantly - "altogether. Shortly after my workout regimen began, one of the trainers encouraged me to enter a bodybuilding competition. I thought, Why not. And just after my 30th birthday, when Aubrey was six, I took third categorize at the Indiana State Championships bodybuilding competition. I was elated: For the first time, I knew exactly what I was alleged to be doing with my life. I left teaching and became the fitness director at our local Sports Center. Soon after, we relocated to a cunning little surfer town outside San Diego. My mother had moved there two years prior, and we wanted to be closer to her. I started training clients at a in the vicinity Gold's Gym, and continued to work out for hours every afternoon. Before I knew it I was bench pressing 150 pounds, squatting 250 pounds and doing over 12 depart-ups in a row. Not bad for someone who's 5-foot-4-inches and 114 pounds. With the new job, I became even more disciplined with my food. In the morning I'd have a rice block and black coffee. For a mid-morning snack I'd eat a small can of tuna in water, half a cup of green beans and half a unprofound yam. Lunch would be a boiled, skinless chicken breast. In the afternoon I'd have a non-fat yogurt and a protein powder smoothie. For dinner I'd eat a salad and a grudging piece of steamed or boiled fish. My motto was "lean and clean. " (I fixed Aubrey in good health meals, but she didn't share my diet. My hard work paid off: In 1991, two years after moving to California, I placed before all in the Ms. Natural California contest, and second in the nation in drug-free bodybuilding. My image was plastered in Female Bodybuilding arsenal. I did an infomercial for exercise equipment and three exercise videos. In the small world of bodybuilding, I was becoming a peerless. A few months later, I told Aubrey, now eight, that I was going to compete in the American Natural Bodybuilding Bull session's California Championships. She started bawling.

  • Puma Women's Training Pull off Backpack

    08/18/16, via walmart.com

    Puma Women 's Training Display Backpack This fun backpack is perfect for the gym, practice, and everyday use with it's convenient ventilated shoe compartment. Top load single main partition Top draw string and flap over faux buckle closure Front zip pocket ...

  • The Viper Flat Launches Apparel By Exile And More: 5 Things We Loved This Week

    08/14/16, via Fashion&Style

    interactive bag slope event led by the STATE PackMen/Women and DJ, concluding with each student receiving a fully-stocked STATE Bags backpack. PUMA has collaborated with DJ, designer and filmmaker Bobbito Garcia for autumn/winter 2016, reworking two classic ...

  • Puma Now Offers Laptop Bags

    10/22/11, via PopSugar Celebrity

    I've recently noticed that more and more women are trading in their ... diverse geeksugar readers said they use slim laptop bags or sleeves instead of larger, often distressing and chunky carriers. These laptop bags by Puma fit in that category of functional ...

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Prince Harry Receives Affiliation Proposal from Young Fan – See His Perfect Response! - Yahoo News

Prince Harry is up to his old tricks – rugby tricks, that is. The prince, who appeared at an consequence Tuesday to support the idea that sports can help counter social challenges, watched in wonder as freestyle soccer conqueror Andrew Henderson did some impressive juggling with a rugby ball. During one move, Henderson balanced the ball on his foot, flicked it up in the air and then did a handstand and caught the ball between his legs – without even looking at the ball. “It’s one of the hardest tricks and [Harry] said he’d like to give that one a go,” Henderson tells PEOPLE. “Prince Harry’s such a close guy. The fact he can come here and interact with the kids and have fun – it’s so great to see the smile on the kids’ faces,“ he adds. Harry didn’t usurp part in the activity himself because of his own aches and pains. Harry was at the community rugby program run by the Rugby Football Bloc, of which he is vice-patron, in Stockport, near Manchester on Tuesday. In between watching the juggling and then taking part in a quick underhand with some of England’s under-20 rugby squad, he met some local kids who put their hands through the playground fence so they could rich-five and shake hands with the royal. One little girl, Lottie, 6, told him, “I want to couple you. I want to be a princess. Harry had the perfect response. “You don’t want that – there’s too big an age gap. You’ve been reading a lot of books,” he said. Another little bird, Maisie Stokes, caught his eye because she’s a redhead like him. “You’re nice, very pretty. Are you having fun. Want to safeguard up with the latest royals coverage. Click here to subscribe to the Royals Newsletter. Harry’s visit was part of his aggressiveness to spread awareness about how sports can help tackle social issues. Last month, he headed to a boxing bludgeon in south London to see how sports can help vulnerable kids. The day was being run by the RFU and the charity StreetGames, which brings sports to unsophisticated people “who don’t have to be the richest or most sporty,” says chief executive Jane Ashworth. “It’s fantastic that Prince Harry has such a commitment to plateful young people through sport,” she tells PEOPLE. “I think it’s really clear from looking at the kids that they pet validated, that what they’re doing.