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Here is a collection of some of the workout clothes I recently bought! Sorry for another sit and talk video, I promise the next one will be a cut and edit type.

  • How wartime Britons were with no persuaded by the propagandists

    08/10/16, via The Guardian

    They did “promulgate do and mend” (to preserve clothing). They did Many thousands of women responded to the call for “Eve in overalls” to take up factory work, just as they did to fasten the forces (“Eve in khaki”). He records how, running in parallel

  • Two Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Execute a make out A Niche Back-To-School Need Most Retailers Ignore

    08/09/16, via Forbes

    Corcoran convinced them to acknowledge their offer by explaining how she took another clothing line, Grace & Lace, from less than $1 million in sales to $7 million. O'Leary sold There are 3,127 sorority houses greatly of hundreds of women across the world

  • Which Holster Is The Well One For A Woman?

    08/09/16, via Daily Caller

    As a sweetie gun owner, selecting the right holster can be a challenge. This topic was the subject of a recent episode of The Women's Gun Show podcast. My co-assemblage, Barbara Baird, and I broke down the numerous concealed carry locations and available

  • Beat Than Perfection: 12 Female Founders Come Together And Create A Business

    08/09/16, via Forbes

    women to start their own stinting businesses as entrepreneurs. The story began when Inskeep and her co-founder Carol Anderson (as in Carol Anderson By Draw, the name of the company) gathered with 10 of their female friends to make a direct

  • 2 jogging murders forward self-defense training

    08/10/16, via WZVN-TV

    Both women disappeared after contemporary for a run in the middle of the day. So far, their killers have not been found. Acosta suggests keeping a small bottle of pepper spray in a run belt or clipped to your clothing. But, borrow sure you're trained and

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How wartime Britons were handily persuaded by the propagandists - The Guardian

n war, according to the cliché, reality is the first casualty. In fact, as the EU referendum campaign illustrated, truth can also be a casualty in peacetime. But there is something about the wartime quashing of truth in favour of propaganda that makes it especially fascinating. And, as a corollary, analysing it helps us to understand its continuous use. So the accessible publication of a book about the propaganda employed in the second world war* can be read as both a history and a contemporary media mug up. Several questions haunt its lavishly illustrated pages. Were the Britons who lived through that dark six years from 1939 at the end of the day duped by the all-pervasive propaganda, or did they see through it. Did it affect the outcome of the war. Was it worth the effort and resources devoted to it. David Welch’s register, Persuading the People, highlights the way in which Winston Churchill’s government unashamedly manipulated the British population in guild to ensure victory over “Hitler’s evil Nazi regime”. Those previous four words were, of course, a outstanding propagandistic formulation of the time, and remain so to this day. Little was left to chance by the ministry of information, the government’s weapon of voice to exhort the country to pull together and maintain a stiff upper lip. It appears that the people were open to creed and the ministry’s slogans, promulgated through posters and in compliant newspapers, became part of the nation’s chin-wag. Britons did “dig for victory” (to improve agricultural output). They did “make do and mend” (to preserve clothing). They did acknowledge that “ploughing on FARMS is as critical as ARMS. ” Even if they didn’t really believe it, they appeared happy enough to say to each other “careless talk costs lives. Tons thousands of women responded to the call for “Eve in overalls” to take up factory work, just as they did to join the forces (“Eve in khaki”). Welch, professor of latest history at Kent university, has shown how the ministry’s stream of propaganda managed to boost morale by encouraging a perception of community at local level while, at national level, reinforcing a patriotic ethos. He records how, running in parallel, there was a prompt acceptance of propaganda that demonised the enemy through crude national stereotypes - the brutality of the Germans, the pusillanimity of the Italians and (to a lesser extent, because the truth had yet to emerge).

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Which Holster Is The Pronto One For A Woman? - Daily Caller

By Carrie Lightfoot, The Leak Armed Woman. As a woman gun owner, selecting the right holster can be a challenge. This topic was the subject of a fresh episode of The Women’s Gun Show podcast. My co-host, Barbara Baird, and I broke down the numerous concealed carry locations and present holster options for each location on a woman’s body. Next to the decision of which firearm to own and carry, the question of how to carry it and which holster is the claim one for the job on the female body is the most frequent question and topic of discussion among women entering gun ownership. “Carrying a gun isn’t obliged to be comfortable, it is supposed to be a comfort,” said Clint Smith. Clint’s quote above is very revealing and it is high-level to understand that concealed carry comes with some changes and some concessions. There may be times that it is an inconvenience or a little uncomfortable but these are unending reminders of the enormous responsibility that comes with gun ownership. There are some key things that are necessary for optimal comfort and safety. Start, is the selection of your gun. It should be the right size for you, your body and your hand and one you are comfortable and competent shooting. Your gun selection is the most influential decision and it is around your gun, that your Personal Concealed Carry System is built. A good holster is one that is designed for your gun (either spelled out model or type and size) and holds the gun securely. It must attach to your body or clothing securely and completely cover and shelter the trigger guard. Most women utilize a variety of different concealed carry holsters that work with their heterogeneous clothing styles, lifestyles and activities. Here is a breakdown of concealed carry locations and the types of holsters for them:. On-the-Waist Fool around. On-the-belt carry or on-the-waist carry, aka outside the waistband, is the preferred and most comfortable form of concealed take for women because the gun is close, the grip is in a great position to grasp and draw quickly and the gun sits outside the pants, which also makes it the most carefree. The only challenge is to find the appropriate clothing to cover and conceal the gun. In some states, it is legal to open carry and have the gun entirely exposed. the judgement to do so is a personal decision but most women prefer to use a cover garment and keep the firearm concealed. Traditional.

newyorkcity woman newyork sandals manhattan broadway skirt blouse bracelet hood peeps shoppingbag verdisquare loehmans
Dude, there's some guy taking my picture! What should I do?
It was hard to resist taking several pictures of this young woman: she seemed so clean-cut, attractive, and well dressed as she stood in the square while chatting on her cell phone. She then marched back and forth several paces, then went into the entrance to the 72nd Street subway station, came back out again, marched around, continued chattering on her cell phone, and occasionally glanced at me with a puzzled look as I snapped several pictures. A good ten minutes went by until she finally disappeared for good into the subway station, still chattering away on her cell phone... Note: this photo was published in a Jul 9, 2009 photo titled "How to Ease Your Transition to Google Voice." It was also published in an Aug 1, 2009 XYHDTV blog titled "How Do I Know if She Likes Me?" It was also published in a Jun 11, 2010 Online Dating Finder blog, with the same title as the caption that I used on this Flickr page. And it was published in a Jul 21, 2010 blog titled...
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street city woman hot sexy public girl beautiful beauty wearing leather fashion female outside outfit clothing high shoes pretty pumps lifestyle style mini skirt babe sensual wear chick clothes short attractive heels chic miniskirt streetfashion heeled streetstyle
IMG_7625 Sexy woman leather street fashion
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IMG_3114 floral top leather skirt amsterdam street fashion
See the link in the first comment to see more pictures on my fashion blog street style city.
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people woman beach sunglasses strand southafrica women onepiece swimsuit swimwear westerncape helderberg
Quick Change Act
I think that this woman may have been a visitor from Europe where changing from street clothes to swimwear on the beach, complete with glimpses of nudity, seems to be quita normal thing to do.
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  • The fad Women Elastic Long Black Running Pants Girls Skinny Fitness Trousers Training Jogging Tights Gym Yoga Leggings S170

    08/14/16, via

    Result Specifics Free Shipping Women Elastic Long Black Running Pants Girls Fitness Trousers Training Jogging Tights Gym Yoga Leggings S170 Color:Funereal Material:Polyester,Spandex Size:S,M,L,XL S:Waist:58-63cm Length:78cm Hip:72-77cm M:Waist:61-68cm Magnitude ...

  • In a Crowded Activewear Set out, Tracksmith Is Preserving Running's Rich Legacy

    08/19/16, via Fashionista

    We launched women's dress around nine months after launching the brand. What is it about running that differentiates itself enough ... Rather than always trying to be at the front end of fashion trends, we can create something that can be consistent ...

  • U.S. women's basketball line-up wins 6th straight gold medal

    08/20/16, via The Detroit News

    Rio de Janeiro — The prevailing U.S. women’s basketball team won a sixth consecutive Olympic gold medal in impressive fashion, routing Spain 101-72 ... Then the Americans got usual with a 16-3 run in the second that blew the game open and the rout ...

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2 jogging murders boost self-defense training - WZVN-TV

Current high-profile attacks on joggers are putting many women on edge. Police are investigating the brutal murders of two women. Thirty-year-old Karina Vetrano, a jogger from Queens, New York, was discovered in a fen near her home at the beginning of August. About a week later, the body of 27-year-old Vanessa Marcotte was found in a wooded close near her mother's home in Princeton, Massachusetts. Both women disappeared after going for a run in the middle of the day. So far, their killers have not been found. It's a terrifying thought for any wife working out alone. Alexis Acosta is the Co-Owner of New World Defense & Fitness in Fort Myers. She teaches Krav Maga self-defense training. She offered the following warning for women wanting to work up a sweat outdoors:. DON'T run with headphones or earbuds. Having loud music in your ears makes it harder to perceive someone coming up to you. If you have to run to music, Acosta suggests using your phone's speaker in an armband or clipped at your waist. DO lay one's hands on your phone with you. That way you can call for help in an emergency. DON'T run alone. Whether it's in the dark or during the day, running alone will make you an easy butt. Find a running buddy who will keep you safe (and motivated to pick up the pace. ) DO run against the flow of traffic. It'll admit you to keep a better eye on traffic, and you'll discourage an attacker from driving up and trying to force you into a vehicle. DON'T run in an area you don't have knowledge of. Even if you take a new route, stick to neighborhoods that are familiar, and know where people might be who can help you. DO carry a weapon with you. Acosta suggests keeping a slight feel embarrassed bottle of pepper spray in a run belt or clipped to your clothing. But, make sure you're trained and feel comfortable using a weapon so it isn't turned against you.