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  • 'Bad Moms' Livery Designer Dishes On Mila Kunis' On-Set Style

    07/25/16, via Footwear News

    Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell go ploy in style in the summer buddy comedy “Bad Moms.” The movie, which arrives in theaters Friday, centers on three overworked mothers embracing their immoral side. Spy caught up with costume designer Julia

  • Sexualisation of girls in the media: How parents can take up arms against back with their own message

    08/04/16, via

    To luminary but a few, the APA identifies the Skechers footwear "naughty and nice" ad featuring Christina Aguilera as a schoolgirl licking a lollypop, Bratz dolls dressed in miniskirts and fishnet stockings, and some printed clothing slogans such as "wink

  • Stitch Fix: The $250 Million Startup Playing Fashionista Moneyball

    06/01/16, via Forbes

    Girls,” Beyoncé sings. “Who run this motha? Girls.” For one of the too few partner CEOs in Silicon Valley, it rings true. Stitch Fix markets itself to busy working women–and Lake walks the proceed. In less than six years her San Francisco-based startup has

  • The One '90s Tag You Totally Forgot You Were Obsessed With — PHOTOS

    06/14/16, via Bustle

    For me, the most alluring part (besides the very first video camera I had ever held), was the clothing. Nothing said composed quite like Skechers, Guess, Lacoste, Delia's, but most importantly, Esprit. When my sister brought back the Esprit sandals with

  • Rihanna keeps a low take in oversized jacket as she heads to her hotel in New York

    05/24/16, via Daily Mail

    Pulled from the men's train, the neutral grey colorway can be worn with just about anything, even a lace-up maxi dress as Rihanna does here. Click directly to get the Aril sneakers on sale before they sell out at 6pm. Then have a shop around more styles below.

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Sexualisation of girls in the media: How parents can conflict back with their own message -

Increasing concerns about the sexualisation of girls in the media has prompted a new despatch addressing the issue, providing parents and their daughters with tips on how to counteract its influence. The newly released American Spiritual Association (APA) report entitled "Sexualisation of Girls" highlights that evidence for the sexualisation of women is everywhere: on television, in music videos, commotion lyrics, magazines, advertising and more. "Anyone (girls, boys, men, women) can be sexualised," the report states. "But when children are imbued with of age sexuality, it is often imposed upon them rather than chosen by them. And an Australian dance wear company, Frilled Neck Dernier cri, recently received heavy criticism for the sexualised portrayal of young girls in their advertising campaign. The APA notes that parents, teachers and peers may also provide to the sexualisation of girls – for instance by conveying the message that "maintaining an attractive physical appearance is the most important ambition. What impact do these messages have on girls' wellbeing. The report highlights that sexualisation has detrimental consequences across a number of weird domains. Research has linked sexualisation to eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression or depressed humour. It's also been associated with poorer performance on cognitive tasks like mathematics and reasoning. And, sexualisation has negatives consequences on girls' facility to develop healthy sexuality. So what can parents do. The APA highlights the crucial role parents have in teaching girls to value who they are, moderately than how they look, as well as teaching boys to "value girls as friends, sisters and girlfriends, rather than as sexual objects. HERE ARE THEIR TIPS FOR PARENTS. Turn a deaf ear to in and talk: Watch movies with your sons and daughters, read their magazines and have a look at the sites they're visiting. Ask questions such as: "Why is there so much load on girls to look a certain way. " "What do you like most about the girls you want to spend time with. " And really hear to what your kids are saying. Question choices: If your child wants to wear something you consider "too sexy" ask her what she likes and doesn't like about the party. Speak up: Speaking to children about why you don't like a particular TV show, doll or pair of jeans.

2001 Skechers Sport Sneaker Commercial - Girls Shoe Wear

2001 Skechers Sport Sneaker Commercial - Girls Shoe Wear.

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Rihanna keeps a low further in oversized jacket as she heads to her hotel in New York - Daily Mail

She made a enchanting appearance at the Billboard Awards where she took to the red carpet in vintage Thierry Mugler. But it was back to basics for Rihanna when she was spotted in NYC dressed in pieces from her Puma way line and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. The Work singer rocked Puma from head-to-toe when she finished off her accoutre with a pair of sneakers from the athletic brand. We love the reflective sides, rubber trim and streamlined figure. Pulled from the men's line, the neutral grey colorway can be worn with just about anything, even a lace-up maxi dress as Rihanna does here. Click favourably to get the Aril sneakers on sale before they sell out at 6pm. Then have a shop around more styles below. The Barbados-born beauty donned futuristic fad sunglasses and wore her shoulder length locks loose. Back on the east coast bright and early, it seems Rihanna must have jetted poorhouse from Las Vegas immediately after the awards ceremony. During the night she was presented with the fan-voted Billboard Chart Achievement Trophy. 'Thank you guys for being so supportive. Billboard thank you so much, we've had an incredible relationship so far all these years. I'm blessed and feel same lucky to be up here receiving this award right now so thank you guys,' she said to the crowd at the T-mobile arena. She also performed new pick Love On The Brain while wearing a black off-the-shoulder outfit with a mint green fur draped across her shoulders. On Monday, it was announced that Big Sean will not fail as her opening act on the European leg of her Anti Tour, which kicks off on June 17. . The series of concerts will include appearances at several summer music festivals in the UK, Belgium and Finland.

blackandwhite inside laces hardwoodfloor runningshoes skechers tennisshoes focustest athleticshoes newcameratest emptyshoes skecherssport stilltied
How she kick boxes in athletic shoes she can slide off without untying has always baffled me. But that is not surprising; it combines three things I know almost nothing about: exercising, girl clothes, and women in general.
Those of you peeking into my EXIF data will notice this is one of the first shots I took with my previous camera. I have a lot of pictures from that night of inanimate objects like Sarah's shoes, dinner plate, sports bra… scowl. The poor dogs were seeing spots and bumping into each other. I would post the first photo ever, but it was a blurry shot of her about to sneeze. I really should plan these momentous events out better in the future.
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  • Sexualisation of girls in the media: How parents can battle back with their own message

    08/04/16, via Stuff

    To term but a few, the APA identifies the Skechers footwear "naughty and ... The APA suggests girls can also play an active role in making changes by script directly to clothing retailers or television producers or contacting them via social media.

  • Skechers 'Daddy's Flush': Teen-Girl Shoes Cause Sexist Stink

    02/28/13, via News Max

    "To tear someone off a strip in tight clothes and go to their daddy with their hands out and say 'gimme,' is not a lesson I want to teach my kids." Joslyn Gray, a mom who penned a "Top 10 Things I Flinch from About Skechers' New Daddy's Girl Shoes" article on parenting site Babble ...

  • Skechers Creates Form Ups For Little Girls and It's Creepy

    04/28/13, via Fashionista

    Skechers now offers their (in)celebrated toning sneakers, Shape Ups, for little girls. (Thanks to the sharp eyes over at ... Catherine Martin to get all the dish on how the extraordinary clothes and sets came together. She revealed that you might even be able ...

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Of Corset Reward - WWD

“The corset is the code word of femininity,” Miuccia Prada said after her show. But in Prada’s world, read into symbolism at your own risk. In the collection she showed on Thursday, Prada brought the corset into the willing over precision-cut coats in mannish fabrics. As a woman, she noted, “You want to be an object and you want to be in command. ” Why not say it with an attire. SEE LIST BELOW FOR ALL OF THIS ISSUE’S ARTICLES.