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"Rock N' Roll ORIGAMI"- Soccer Goal/Net AND Canoe/Boat- Kids DIY Project

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  • Pick sends US soccer team back to the drawing board

    08/10/16, via Los Angeles Times

    The U.S. women's soccer troupe won its group Tuesday but it didn't win its game, with Colombia riding a pair of free-kick goals from midfielder Catalina Usme to a 2-2 out in Manaus. And for captain Carli Lloyd, there's both On the second, Pugh

  • Olympics bear far for those in the infamous City of God slum

    08/10/16, via Blue Springs Examiner

    It is a section of contrasts that defies oversimplification, where poverty and violence persist alongside modest programs that aim to get some kids off the streets and put up a path that keeps guns out of their hands. It is also the former home of Brazil

  • US athletes run high-speed, jump high, throw hard — why are we so bad at handball?

    08/09/16, via Washington Post

    Handball refutes every gauge American complaint about soccer. It's easier to watch on television than hockey. A match takes about two hours less than a conventional baseball game. It's the kind of game kids make up in their backyard and play until

  • Community Docket: Aug. 10-21

    08/10/16, via The Daily Courier

    Registration for AYSO Soccer spice, 6 to 8 p.m. at the YMCA in Prescott, 750 Whipple St. AYSO volunteers can help families register players, coaches and referees. Edible begins in mid-August. $5 Adults/Kids 12 and younger free. Info 802-272-1352.

  • Poder Academy adds new athletic arena

    08/10/16, via Wyoming Tribune

    Martinez said you also can use the net to split the territory and play two smaller games of soccer simultaneously. There are two Tuesday was the first day of school at Poder Academy, so it's the in the beginning time the kids saw the arena or had the chance to

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Procure sends US soccer team back to the drawing board - Los Angeles Times

Now here’s the bad: The Americans looked unimpressive in doing so. Now they have just three days to fix it before the Rio Olympics quarterfinals begin Friday in Brasilia, where the U. S. will touch Sweden and Coach Pia Sundhage, the woman who guided the U. S. to its last gold medal four years ago in London. “I’d degree this happen now to maybe light some fire under us and motivate us even more,” Lloyd said. “I’m not worried. We’re still going in the right captaincy. We got the job done. Although the Americans outshot Colombia, 16-3, they put three of those shots off the crossbar, three more over the crossbar and saw six more die in the hands of Colombian nurse Sandra Sepulveda, who had a marvelous game. Solo gifted Colombia its first goal with a spectacular misapprehend mix up with on an Usme free kick from just outside the box in the 26th minute. The low, left-footed kick bent around the try and hit the grass just in front of Solo, who let it squirt off her hands and through her legs. “I’ve been around long enough to know these things do cook. They’ve happened to me before,” Solo said. “I have also learned to have a short-term memory. So I’m planning to put this behind me and move on. “. Her crammer, Jill Ellis, offered the same advice – albeit a bit more bluntly. “Crap happens. You move on,” she said. “She’s had a peerless tournament to date. She’s got to put it behind her and focus on her next game. Solo’s teammates quickly managed to do just that, erasing the default on a Crystal Dunn goal in the 41st minute and another from Mallory Pugh early in the second half. On the first, Dunn knocked available the rebound of a Lloyd shot that Sepulveda had pushed off the crossbar. On the second, Pugh gathered an errant ball at the well edge of the penalty area, dribbled back across the front of the goal, then left-footed a shot into the net. That made the 18-year-old UCLA tyro the youngest woman to score an Olympic goal for the U. S. It was also seconds away from being the game-winner before Usme bent in a sponsor free kick from a difficult angle in the final minute of regulation, driving the ball over Solo’s outstretched arm and just under the crossbar at the far proclaim. And while the draw left the three-time defending Olympic champions unbeaten at 2-0-1, they’ve hardly looked unparalleled. “In every tournament I’ve ever played in, nothing’s gone perfect. It happens,” Solo said. “And you have to.

Soccer Hair Net

Girl gets her ponytail stuck in a soccer net. SUBSCRIBE TO KYOOT!: Watch More Kids Videos at: Like ...

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Olympics feel in one's bones far for those in the infamous City of God slum - Blue Springs Examiner

The shantytown of nearly 50,000 people became globally known after Paulo Lins' tale "Cidade de Deus" was made into a critically acclaimed movie by Brazilian film director Fernando Meirelles, who also helped bring into being the Olympic opening ceremony that featured a segment depicting the city's favelas. Lins lived in See of God, and both the book and the movie tell a tale of poverty and violence and of youth faced with choices that could lead to an at cock crow death " or a fresh start. While much of Rio was transformed for the Olympics, City of God is a community left behind and still mired in the innumerable problems that were the basis of the movie that introduced its brutal realities to the world. Where other neighborhoods can take advantage of improvements in transit, habitation and security, the only thing "Olympic" in this slum is the painted lane for accredited vehicles to drive past it as sybaritic as they can. In some ways, Cidade de Deus is unlike the hundreds of other favelas in Rio. On the western edge of the city, it's far from the beaches where tourists boozer in the sun and spreads horizontally across a maze of streets rather than vertically up a hillside. It originally was a housing stand out, built in the 1960s during Brazil's military dictatorship when the government evicted residents from favelas in tony Ipanema, Leblon and Lagoa, and destroyed the shacks to cause way for visitors. "At that time, not too different from today, the state was determined to 'beautify' Rio de Janeiro by eliminating favelas from seductive areas of the city and moving the poor to isolated locations," said Mariana Dias Simpson, a researcher at the Brazilian League of Social and Economic Analyses (Ibase) who has studied Rio's slums for more than a decade. The community was among the first where the command dispatched its so-called police pacification units, or UPPs, which were created in 2008 to curb violence in favelas dominated by heavily armed sedate gangs. Police set up local stations, took over territory once controlled by criminals and confiscated weapons, while the land of Rio invested in community centers for children and worked to expand basic services for residents. In the lead-up to the Olympics, the UPPs were expanded to hundreds of favelas across Rio, and numberless say it felt as if authorities had succeeded in restoring the peace. President Barack Obama, along with the first lady and their two daughters, even paid a come to see to Cidade de Deus in 2011. The president rolled up his.

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King-Size Kick
A friend's son giving the ball a mighty kick during one of his soccer games. He once made a goal by kicking it from the middle of the field all the way down into the net.
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Alvear Football vs. Ferro de Pico
Categoria 2002. Class 2002. La pelota la tiene el arquero. The goalkeeper has the ball.
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kids team soccer
Nothing But Net
The Toot scores his first goal. He was pumped!
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Learning to Dribble
Used at
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  • Global Soccer Comes To Lentz's Backyard

    08/18/16, via The Journal News

    Both Ethan and Reagan participated in two Chicago Fervency camps this summer. It started in June, when Matt registered the kids for a Chicago Fire soccer camp based in Litchfied. The coaches for the beginners camp were Jamie Krumins of Intimate Britain and Nathan ...

  • LSU Soccer Promotions & Giveaways

    08/05/16, via LSU Sprots

    The key Mike’s Kids Club event for the 2016-17 athletic season ... For information, please visit LSU Soccer hosts the earliest event for the LSU Dads & Daughters program. All members of Dads & Daughters will be invited to ...

  • SOCCER: Aspiration from Wissahickon's Elwell helps YMS Xplosion win national title

    08/16/16, via Montgomery News

    Her options were bumper as she prepared to drive a free kick toward the net, her YMS Premier Xplosion team down two goals in the US Teeny-bopper Soccer Under-17 Girls national championship game in Frisco, Texas. Elwell, a rising senior at Wissahickon and ...

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US athletes run bound, jump high, throw hard — why are we so bad at handball? - Washington Post

Athletically speaking, America’s most ample resource is mesomorphs who run fast, jump high and throw balls at a target or to each other. The sport of team handball requires its competitors to run steadfast, jump high and throw balls at a target or to each other. It may be hopelessly ignorant and wildly jingoistic to say this, but after spending a day at Following Arena, it is impossible to leave without thinking it: The United States should be awesome at this. The United States is very far from daunting, having failed to qualify for these Olympics, just as it failed to qualify for the previous four. Actually, the United States failed to modify for the qualifying tournament. It needed to beat Uruguay to reach the Pan-American Games, the winner and runner-up of which gained constitutionalization to Rio. It did not. At many levels, it makes no sense. America has the right kind of athletes with the right kind of sports backgrounds. Spot on, they have no incentives to play handball, but disregard that for a moment: Really, how long would it take LeBron James to change the best handball player in the world. “Maybe six months,” U. S. national team Coach Javier Garcia-Cuesta said. “This is just a surmised. He has everything. When you see him playing, your mouth drops. [ Live updates: The latest news and results from the Rio Games ]. Denmark’s Mikkel Hansen is melodious much the LeBron James of handball. He was named the International Handball Federation’s world player of the year for the two shakes of a lamb's tail time last year. This year, he won the equivalent of the MVP in the French league. He would be the right man to ask: Could James be as good as him. “It’s abstruse to talk about that,” Hansen said, laughing. “I admire LeBron James very much. I’m a big basketball fan. The way he sees the court, his materialization for the game, is very impressive. There you would have a good start. And physically, he is amazing. But you also need to throw the ball. The Americans go the distance played handball in the Olympics in 1996, when they qualified as the host nation, finished ninth and got outscored by 30 goals. The men’s cooperate is 38th in the International Handball Federation rankings, just behind Morocco, Australia and Lithuania. The United States is a non-individual in a sport that combines all of the qualities American athletes usually excel at. “We always talk about it: If the Americans really wanted to about b dally handball, they would be.