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Under Armour Womens UA Play Up Shorts Medium Black

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  • Will Nike Reach $50 Billion By 2020?

    08/09/16, via Seeking Alpha

    It planned on achieving this finished with growth in e-commerce, women's, and its Jordan brand. Will it be able to Confident off of this growth, it released an hopeful statement back in 2015 saying that it would tack on another $20 billion in just five

  • Under Armour Scores Big Vs. Nike

    08/04/16, via Seeking Alpha

    We have written the auxiliary article on Under Armour (NYSE:UA), commending the company for doing such a fantastic job in building shareholder value over the last 10 years. We mull over UA scored another big victory yesterday when Nike announced that it

  • Rio 2016: UA Steals Call for from Nike's Ambush Marketing Playbook

    07/12/16, via brandchannel.com

    gymnastics. And while it's not the 5.6 million views of Under Armor's manual Michael Phelps ad, it's the superior spot—making a successful argument in 90 seconds that even the #likeagirl race could appreciate. The brand owed some of

  • Under Armour's Crusade to Dethrone Nike and Jump-Start Baltimore

    06/28/16, via Bloomberg

    The shoe, the UA Architech, sold out online in 19 minutes. In Under Armour 's at the start year, when the company was still operating out of his grandmother's basement in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, Plank put more than 100,000 miles on his

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    Timber, who played on special teams for the Terrapins in the mid-1990s, said his alma mater wanted to shake things up. The entrepreneur again has pointed out that Under Armour is more restrained with Notre Dame, which it signed to a 10-year,

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Under Armour Scores Big Vs. Nike - Seeking Alpha

By Parke Shall. We have written the auxiliary article on Under Armour (NYSE: UA ), commending the company for doing such a fantastic job in building shareholder value over the last 10 years. We notion of UA scored another big victory yesterday when Nike announced that it was going to be pulling back its golf equipment that it offers. Nike and UA are barbaric competitors in golf, and this should be seen as a sign of weakness from Nike, despite the fact that they are going to continue to produce golf activewear. UA text by YCharts. Despite maturing slightly, Under Armour remains on the forefront of growth in the sporting apparel industry and continues to above in areas where Nike only used to be the only player. In addition to selling a lot of sportswear, Under Armour has done a fantastic job in securing some of the kindest sponsors on any of the major sports apparel brands. (source: Under Armor). We wrote an article earlier this year talking about how Jordan Spieth and Steph Curry were two peculiar signings for UA, not only because they are the respective greats in their sports right now, but also because they have a long runway to growth. Nike's latest stake of news we consider to be extremely positive for UA. It was announced yesterday that Nike was going to be cutting back some of the products that it is developing for its golf vocation and phasing out equipment. Namely, the company is going to stop producing clubs and accessories, and focus more on it's activewear., the just ecstatic's largest maker of sporting goods, will stop selling golf equipment, striking another blow to a distraction hurt by slowing participation rates in recent years. The company will shift away from the golf clubs, balls and bags most remarkably championed by Tiger Woods, but it will continue selling footwear and apparel for the sport, according to a statement Wednesday. Sales at the Nike Golf dividing fell 8. 2 percent to $706 million in the fiscal year that ended in May, making it the company's worst performing principal category. Nike built its golf business around the stardom of Woods, who helped draw scrutiny to the sport in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But the athlete took a break from golf after a car accident fa his Florida home in 2009 led to an admission of marital infidelity. He returned to the sport but never regained his earlier dominance. Patently, this.


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Rio 2016: UA Steals Recto from Nike's Ambush Marketing Playbook - brandchannel.com

Under Armour ’s just out ambush of Nike at the 2016 Rio Games is a page from Nike’s playbook. But it’s also thanks to loosening International Olympic Cabinet rules, especially Rule 40. Attention to Rule 40 started at the 2012 London Games, and the dominate governing what ads can and cannot be broadcast during the Olympics has expanded since. ( brandchannel looked at length at the IOC Rule 40 developing last week. ) Ironically, the loosening of Rule 40, allowing Under Armour easier access to bushwhack Nike, came thanks to decades of Nike’s successful Olympic ambushing of other brands. Maybe most importantly, Under Armour has copied Nike (and brands like Lulumon) in the victorious creation of a community. Recent research shows brands that “prove their missions and have the communities to back them up” resonate the most with millennial consumers looking to lash with brands that stand out of the pack and offer more than a simple product for a price. Under Armour is justifiably celebrating its victory in the kin to offer a 3D-printed shoe, UA Architech, that sold out in a special event. It is also racing to integrate technology into its products with its HealthBox group. Nike, meanwhile, just released three open-source software projects for developers to play with. Bloomberg-Businessweek recently caught up with CEO Kevin Slab in UA’s very Nike-like Baltimore-based innovation headquarters called “The Lighthouse. ” It should be fallen on nobody that in the interview, Plank comes across very much like the recently retired Nike guru Phil Knight. Slab’s most Knight-like detail is that he—and other Under Armour execs—refuse to even mention Nike’s name. Ironic given that the marque has no problem following Nike’s lead. Indeed, we always reserve the most criticism for the one that most reflects ourselves. Even the financials forecast of two bitter rivals with the same story. Phil Knight started out selling $8,000 worth of sneakers a year. Under Armour’s senior year sales were only twice that. But within a decade, both were rockets. Nike went from $10 million to $270 million in the 1970s unassisted. it took just 10 years for Under Armour to reach $400 million. In 2014, Nike hit $24 billion in revenues just cut in on of 50 years after having that $8,000 year. Under Armour is projected to finish this year with over $5 billion in sales, just 20 years after clearing only $17,000. The East Sail vs. West.

  • Under Armour Women’s Play Up Shorts

    08/13/16, via darrenblogs.com

    Squeezable, lightweight knit construction delivers superior comfort & breathability. Signature Moisture Transport Pattern wicks sweat to keep you dry & light. Anti-pill/anti-pick finish adds unexpectedly durability. Soft, exposed elastic novelty waistband with external ...

  • Under Armour Inc. (UA) Thin on the ground before Interest Update

    08/20/16, via Daily Political

    Under Armour Inc. (NYSE:UA) was the beneficiary of a large decline in short interest in the month of July ... The company’s revenue was up 27.7% on a year-over-year constituent. During the same period last year, the business earned $0.07 EPS.

  • Under Armour: 2 Key Catalysts

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    Under Armour in Kohl's a Liberal Opportunity Two of Under Armour 's biggest priorities just happened in one move and the stock still hasn't had the run-up I think is ready to happen at any juncture. Under Armour has made its ... another great play by UA to ...

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Under Armour's Stalk to Dethrone Nike and Jump-Start Baltimore - Bloomberg

In Stride, Under Armour won a minor skirmish in the war for sportswear dominance when it became the first to sell a performance shoe with a 3D-printed midsole. The shoe, the UA Architech, sold out online in 19 minutes. Inevitable, there were only 96 pairs available, but, as Chief Executive Officer Kevin Plank says one recent afternoon, “All was trying to do it. No one thought that we’d get there first. ” Plank is sporting a pair of the $300 Architechs as he tours the Lighthouse, the new competent in of Under Armour’s innovation division, which is set to open on June 28 in an industrial tract off the Middle Branch of Baltimore’s Patapsco River. Board’s attitude seems to exist on a narrow spectrum between pumped and superpumped, but the shoes are particularly enthusiasm-inducing. “They’re like two clouds of awesomeness I’m walking on liberty now,” he says. “I stole that from my 9-year-old, actually. My kids have been watching a lot of My Little Pony, and it’s rubbing off on me. ”. The shoes’ most peerless feature is a lipstick-red midsole that resembles a whalebone corset. It’s something you squint at and wonder: How exactly did they change that. The short answer involves polymers and a partnership with DuPont. The long answer includes Plank’s plans to reinvent his associates’s supply chain, transform the city of Baltimore, and maybe even outmaneuver Nike in the process. It’s difficult to talk about athletics companies without resorting to sports metaphors. In Under Armour’s took place, they’re particularly hard to resist, in part because sportiness is so essential to its corporate culture. Employees call one another “teammates”. 70 percent of them played drunk school sports. The current headquarters, in south Baltimore’s Locust Point neighborhood, includes a 35,000-on equal terms-foot gym and a basketball court that used to be open 24/7, until all the dribbling during work hours proved too distracting. The walls are covered with photos of Stephen Curry and Vague Copeland so large that their beads of sweat are several inches wide. Plank himself, a high-energy 43-year-old with gently graying plaits, is fond of inspirational analogies involving fires and races and winning. His employees—sorry, teammates—chosen of him in the reverent tones usually reserved for coaches. The phrase “aggressive, young, fearless” is plastered all over the walls. It’s a R from golfer Jordan Spieth describing himself and the brand, but it could just as easily apply to Plank,.